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Hello Spring !

  •  Spring clean and declutter

Clear out all the clutter and remove items you don’t regularly use. Donate items you don’t need, throw away broken or damaged things and refresh by cleaning your home from top to bottom! Don’t forget to wash the windows, dust the blinds and clean your appliances.

  •  Have a look at the roof

You don’t need to go and inspect the roof yourself, have a look for any obvious immediate damage from the ground. If needed then contact a professional to inspect any problems.

  • Air conditioner

Before the warmer months are in full force, contact a professional and have them clean the air conditioner and check for any damage.

  • Landscaping

Remove any dead plants and weeds and fill your garden with fresh plants. Your garden could also benefit from some fertilizer after the cooler months.

Power Steam Cleaning hope this helps you.


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